New Profile! Hurricane Heathers

We’ve got a new profile up at Community Restaurants! Say hello to Hurricane Heather’s! If you’re in Buxton, NC, drop by for the Hurricane Burger, home made crab cakes, or oysters fresh from the oyster bar!

Hurricane Heathers
Delcious food
Come on by!


Valentine Restaurant Facts

Valentine’s Day may be over, but its impact is still felt through out the restaurant world. research by the National Restaurant Association shows that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to dine out, after Mother’s Day.

Here’s a few facts about Valentine’s Day demographics, brought to you by

When it comes to choosing a restaurant for that special meal, consumers’ top three deciding factors are the familiarity of a favorite eatery, a romantic setting, and special menu offerings.

Younger adults are more likely to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day meal at a restaurant than older adults.
33 % of 18-34-year olds, and 39 % of 35-44-year olds say they plan to dine out for a Valentine’s Day meal, compared with 27 % of those 55 and older
42 % say they pick their favorite restaurant or their companion’s favorite restaurant for their special meal
21 % select a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, 13 % select restaurants that offer special menus or promotions
12 % agree to restaurants picked by their companion
11 % select a restaurant they haven’t been to before
For younger consumers, a romantic atmosphere carries more weight when choosing a restaurant on Valentine’s Day than it does for older adults. 39 % of 18-34-year olds said that was the most important factor for them, compared with only 8 % of those 65 and older.

Valentine’s Day – What will you do?

Just after lunch in the second grade, Mary is walking back to class. I have some sweetheart candies for her. Hurry, give them to her before any one else sees.

Several billion sweetheart candies will be made for Valentine’s Day.

So what will you do with your sweetheart this year? Time together is the most valued gift for adult couples. My choice is dinner at a locally owned restaurant. Wine, a good meal and romantic conversation. Wonderful!